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           廣州市珠江電線廠有限公司嚴格按照GB、JB、IEC等國家和國際標準進行標準化生產,并設有獨立的品質檢驗機構,嚴格實行從原材料入倉到成品裝車出庫的一條龍檢驗,始終把“質量就是生命,信譽便是市場”作為生產的初心?!碍h市”牌電纜已通過ISO9001質量管理體系認證、ISO14001環境管理體系認證、OHSAS18001職業健康安全管理體系認證,且獲得中國質量認證中心頒發的強制性產品認證證書(CCC)。因產品質量過硬,已成為國家電網、南方電網和萬科地產的優質供應商,且許多大型工程都指定選用廣州市珠江電線廠有限公司生產的“環市”牌電線電纜,不僅贏得了市場用戶和社會各界的廣泛認可,更早在2007年9月份獲得“廣東省用戶滿意產品”稱號,2008年1月20日獲得“中國電線電纜十大影響力品牌”稱號,后期陸續獲得“連續十三年守合同重信用企業”及“廣東省誠信示范企業”,從2009年起每年都獲得“廣東省名牌產品”稱號,2012年獲得“廣州市著名商標”,2013年獲得“廣州市清潔生產企業”并于2014年獲得“廣東省著名商標”、“國家高新技術企業”, 2016獲得“廣州市企業研究開發機構”、“廣東省環保電纜工程技術研究中心”,2017年獲得“花都區區長質量獎”等企業殊榮,從而使“環市”牌電線電纜在社會各界顯有相當高的知名度和美譽度。
           廣州市珠江電線廠有限公司一直秉承 “規范管理,精益求精,科學發展,追求卓越”的管理理念和“誠信第一,品質為先,客戶至上”的經營理念,在激烈的市場競爭中不斷開拓創新,攜手社會各界及廣大用戶共創輝煌,勵志為國家民族工業做出更大貢獻。
           Guangzhou pearl river wire factory co., LTD. Was established in 1991, located in the beautiful pearl river port (huadu xinhua industrial area), the factory covers an area of 100,000 square meters, and the building area is 80,000 square meters.After 30 years of meticulously, guangzhou pearl river electric wire factory co., LTD., the products have been covering power cables, electrical equipment, cable, signal transmission cable and so on, as many as thousands of specifications.The company has the industry first-class modern production line and the complete set of high precision inspection instrument, the high efficiency, the high quality, is the outside recognized "the contract heavy credit" enterprise.

           Guangzhou pearl river electric wire factory co., LTD., in strict accordance with GB, JB, IEC and other national and international standards to standardize production, and is equipped with independent quality inspection institutions, strictly implement one-stop loading outbound from the warehousing of raw materials to finished product inspection, lways keep "quality is life, reputation is the market" as a beginners mind. "Ring city" brand cable has passed ISO9001 quality management system certification, ISO14001 environmental management system certification, OHSAS18001 occupational health and safety management system certification, and obtain mandatory product certification certificate issued by the China quality certification center (CCC).Because of product quality, has become a national power grid, southern power grid, and vanke real estate quality suppliers, and many large projects are designated to choose guangzhou pearl river electric wire factory co., LTD. "ring city" brand wire and cable production, not only won the market users and the wide recognition from all sectors of society, earlier in September 2007, won the award for the "customer satisfaction products of guangdong province", January 20, 2008 to obtain title of "top 13influential" brand wire and cable, arriving late for credit enterprise ", "nine years in a row by and the" good faith demonstration enterprise of guangdong province ",Every year since 2009 won the award for the "guangdong famous brand product", "guangzhou city famous trademark" in 2012, 2013 "clean production enterprises in guangzhou" and in 2014 won the "guangdong famous trademark", "national hi-tech enterprise", 2016 "the enterprise research and development institutions in guangzhou", "environmental protection cable engineering technology research center of guangdong province", 2017 "huadu district warden quality prize" and other enterprises, so that the "ring city" brand wire and cable in the social from all walks of life has a high degree of visibility and reputation.

       Guangzhou pearl river electric wire factory co., LTD., has been adhering to the "norm management, excellence, scientific development, the pursuit of excellence" management philosophy and the "integrity first, quality first, customer first" business philosophy, and constantly blaze new trails, in the fierce market competition and users from all walks of life create resplendence hand in hand, self-help national industry to make greater contributions to the nation.

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